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We provide services like Dental fillings, Digital x-ray, Root Canal Treatment, Dental crowns (metal, ceramic,zirconia), space maintainers, treatment of Malalignment of teeth (crooked teeth),orthodontic treatment (dental braces), diet counseling, Dental caries prevention, replacement of new teeth, Dental Implants, Smiliine designing, teeth whitening.

About Us

Dr Vruushali Patil (BDS/MDS)
Consultant Pediatric & Preventive Dentist, Nashik
8626070298 / 9423969806

About Dr Vruushali Patil (BDS/MDS)
Dr Vruushali Patil is a very eminent leading dentist practicing in Nashik. She is working diligently in the field of cosmetic dentistry and dental implantology at Nashik & Mumbai since last 15 years. Due to her quest for the excellence, she persuaded masters degree in the field of ‘Pediatric Dentistry’.

She is a post graduate dentist from renowned Pad D Y Patil School of dentistry, Navi Mumbai. With all her educational experiences, qualifications and strong desire to deliver the best treatments to society, she established ‘Smiliine Dental Clinic’ with all ultramodern equipments and treatment modalities in the field of dentistry.

Dr Vruushali has a rich and vast experience of performing various treatments in pediatric and cosmetic dentistry successfully, efficiently and ethically satisfying all patient’s requirements. Her intellectual interest encompasses active participation in various national and international conferences.

The clinic is specially designed to create a friendly and attractive atmosphere for children in order to eliminate anxiety. The children are very much comfortable in such environment where maximum care is taken to inculcate positive attitude towards dental treatment.

Dr Vruushali is very efficient to implement different behavior management techniques while treating the children with maximum care and minimum pain. We provide the appointments according to parent’s convenient schedule and committed to deliver the best treatment.

Our Mission

    ⦿   To educate & spread awareness about child's oral health care.

    ⦿   Early identification and prevention of dental caries

    ⦿   Interpretation of malalignment of teeth

    ⦿   Promote proper growth & development of jaws

    ⦿   Correction of non-nutritive habits such as thumb sukcing, tongue thrusting & mouth breathing

    ⦿   To guide mothers reagrding feeding habits

    ⦿   Early identification & prevention of dental caries.

    ⦿   Interception of malalignment of teeth and jaw.

    ⦿   Promote proper growth and development of jaws.

    ⦿   Correction of non-nutritive habits such as thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing.

    ⦿   To educate and spread awareness about oral health care in the society.

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